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Gas vs. Electric 5-Year Cost of Ownership Comparison

Estimated 5-year cost for gasoline

This analysis is based upon the following assumptions:

  • Average driving per day = 10 miles (some days more, some less)
  • Average driving per week = 60 miles
  • Average miles per gallon = 40 miles
  • # Gallons of gasoline consumed per week = 1.5
  • Price per gallon of Ethanol-free gasoline (recommended) = $3.20 per gallon
  • Weekly cost for gasoline = $4.80, yearly $250, or $1,250 every 5 years.

Estimated 5-year cost for batteries

The price for a new set of batteries (8 6-volt) is approximately $1,100. How long the batteries last is dependent upon the number of miles driven per year, and the number of times the batteries are charged. The average life expectancy is 4 years. Some last longer, some daily long-distance drivers require replacement every 3 years.

Gasoline carts have one battery that requires replacement at approximately 4 years. The average cost is $100.

Estimated 5-year cost for electricity to charge batteries

All our golf carts include an on-board charger. This means you simply plug an extension cord from the golf cart into a standard electrical outlet in your garage, or wherever one’s available. The cost of electricity to charge a depleted set of batteries on a golf cart is very low: about 20 cents for an overnight charge.

It is recommended to charge the batteries if they are below ½ full. As such, how often you charge the batteries is dependent upon the number of miles you drive per day. If you only drive 2 miles per day it may be possible to charge the batteries every 10 days or so. If you drive on the average 5 miles per day you may charge the batteries every 5 days. If you drive 2 miles per day…but tomorrow you are going to drive 30 miles…then you should charge the batteries overnight. Simply stated, it’s your call based upon your average daily driving distance.

This analysis is based upon the following assumptions:

  • Average driving per day = 10 miles (some days more, some less)
  • Battery distance per charge = 60 miles
  • Recharge batteries every 3 days (when batteries get to 50%). Note: batteries do not need to be charged every evening—even if the cart was driven during the day—which lengthens the life of the batteries.
  • Minimum # charges per month = 10 (however, will increase the number of monthly overnight charges to 15)

Given the above assumptions, the cost per month for electricity is approximately $3 (20 cents x 15 charges – or one charge every other day). This equates to $36 per year or $180 over a 5-year period.

The aggravation of gasoline golf carts (quantified)

Passengers in gasoline-powered golf carts must tolerate the toxic smell of exhaust and mind-numbing noise. Some consider it a “price to pay” to be able to drive more than 60 miles in one day (when compared to a Tomberlin and ParCar electric golf cart).

So, here’s an interesting means to determine the price of the associated discomforts of a gas cart. Let’s say a newly-designed meter is installed on the gas cart that will eliminate the smell of exhaust and noise generated by the combustible engine. However, you must put money into the meter (it’s not free). Plus, it only works for 24 hours (when additional money must be put into the meter).

How much would you spend per day to eliminate noise and smell? Would you spend 25 cents? How about 50 cents? Would you pay 1 dollar per day? Would you pay more? Here are the amounts extended over a 5-year period:

  • 25 cents per day = $456
  • 50 cents per day = $912
  • $1 per day = $1,825

What’s interesting is that many persons (who have been asked this question) have no problem in spending more than $1 per day to enjoy clean air and experience a quiet drive in a golf cart. Determine how much you’d be willing to spend per day. Enter the corresponding 5-year daily aggravation cost into the 5-Year Cost of Ownership analysis section below.

So, (we hope you don’t mind us asking), if you’re willing to pay an amount each day to eliminate the aggravating noise and caustic smell of a gas golf cart…why are you putting up with the annoyance?


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